5+ Plants

Creamy Chickpea and Lentil Curry

Looking for a flavour-packed curry that also happens to be really nutritious? This chickpea and lentil curry is exactly what you need. Packed with a variety of rich aromatic spices and nutrient-rich plants, this curry is my go-to alternative to a takeaway when I want something a bit healthier that doesn’t compromise on flavour. Plus, …

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butter bean curry served with rice, naan bread and fresh coriander

Butter Bean Curry

This creamy, flavour-packed butter bean curry is the perfect quick and easy mid-week meal to top up your plant points. This butter bean curry has got to be one of my favourite curry recipes and I’m so excited to share it with you. With the creaminess from the coconut milk and the warmth from the …

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Raspberry and Blueberry Smoothie

This raspberry and blueberry smoothie is bursting with flavour and nutrients, making it an ideal morning pick-me-up or plant-boosting snack. Perfect for those days when cooking gets thrown to the bottom of your to-do list! Using my 5-step balanced smoothie formula, I’ve blended together two of my favourite berries – raspberries and blueberries – with …

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5 Bean Chilli

Loaded with 5 different types of beans and plenty of veg, this 5 bean chilli is as effortless to make as it is delicious, making it a regular go-to for busy weeknights in my household. It strikes the perfect balance between indulgence and nutrition, as it’s packed with rich flavours and plenty of gut-loving fibre. …

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Cacao Porridge With Mixed Berries

This cacao porridge is a delicious and wholesome way to kickstart your morning. I love it because even though it feels really indulgent, it’s actually packed with lots of nutrients! You can switch up the toppings of this cacao porridge if you like, but my all time favourite topping combination is this one: mixed berries, …

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